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Sawyer Free Library, Gloucester, Mass.


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Gloucester High School Yearbooks


Yearbooks are truly unique objects. They offer a personal connection for many to years gone by, a collection of memories and people from our formative years. They can offer fascinating context to historical events and time periods that we may not personally have any recollection of. Compare a yearbook from the 1930s to one from 2010. How have styles changed? Views on gender? Sexuality? Race? What was going on in the world that young people cared about? A yearbook can offer a candid glimpse into all of this.

Yearbook printing came into fashion in the late 19th century. Our digital collection from Gloucester High School dates from the 1901 to 2013 (with gaps). Look for your friends, your parents (or grandparents!) see what has changed. The trademark maroon color appears in the 1940s, and becomes a yearly tradition in 1985, before changing again in 2012.

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