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Winthrop Public Library

The Winthrop Public Library's collection of The Echo, the Winthrop High School Yearbook is now available online. The library's collection includes yearbooks dating from 1915 through 2014, with a few gaps. This collection has been digitized thanks to the digitization assistance of the Boston Public Library. The Yearbooks have been digitally scanned and are now part of the Internet Archive, a non-profit organization founded in 1996 to create an online digital library and preserve it for future historians as well as current users. The archive currently contains well over a million books, as well as extensive collections of media such as newsreels, advertising, cartoons, music, radio shows, and more. Materials in the archive, mostly published prior to the 1920s, are in the public domain and can be used without restrictions. All yearbooks are also available in hard copy at the Library. Please ask at the Reference Desk if you would like to view a hard copy of a particular yearbook.

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