First settlers' homesteads


First settlers' homesteads


[Wakefield, Mass.] : Wakefield Municipal Gas & Light Department,




"The map of Reading shows the first grants of land to the settlers in 1647, the first general division of land which was recorded. All homesteads are located in the present town of Wakefield. 1. Francis Smith (western side of Main Street near Wakefield Junction) -- 2. John Smith (eastern side of Main Street at the southeast corner of Nahant Street) -- 3. Henry Felch (on the western side of Main Street near the present Crystal Lake) -- 4. George Davis (on the western side of Main Street near the Junior High School) -- 5. Rev. Henry Green, the first Minister (northeastern corner of Main and Water Streets where the former Town Hall stood) -- 6. Samuel Dunton (near the Northeast corner of Water and Crescent Street) -- 7. John Poole (near the intersection of Vernon and Water Streets) -- 8. Thomas Parker (eastern side of Crescent Street facing Princess Street) -- 9. The first Meeting House (western side of Main Street, south of Albion Street) -- 10. Jeremy Fitch (eastern side of Main Street between Salem and Pearl Streets. The homestead was set back near Pleasant Street) -- 11. Josiah Dustin (eastern side of Main Street near Lawrence Street) -- 12. William Martin (eastern side of Main Street) -- 13. Edward Hutchinson (eastern side of Main Street) -- 14. William Eaton (eastern side of Main Street above Aborn Avenue) -- 15. Jonas Eaton (eastern side of Main Street adjacent to William Eaton) -- 16. John Bachellor (eastern side of Main Street near Cordis Street) -- 17. Nicholas Browne (eastern side of Main Street) -- 18. Edward Taylor (eastern side of Main Street near the present Beebe homestead) -- 19. Robert Burnap, Sr. (east of Vernon Street and south of Lowell Street) -- 20. Jeremiah Sweyne (south or near the junction of Lowell and Salem Streets) -- 21. Nicholas Brown (western side of Lowell Street, north of Montrose Avenue) -- 22. Isaac Hart (southeast corner of Church and Common Streets) -- 23. William Hooper (southern end of Church Street at the present site of the Hartshorne House) -- 24. Thomas Kendall (southern


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