Dr. Charles Dutton and William Deadman, March 31, 1914


Dr. Charles Dutton and William Deadman, March 31, 1914


D'Onofrio, Jayne M.


Wakefield, Mass. : Wakefield Municipal Gas & Light Department,




Photo courtesy of Bourdon Studios.

"In this photo, Dr. Charles Dutton and Mr. William E. Deadman appear to be discussing the news of the day outside the Wakefield Market. Mr. Deadman, specializing in provisions, sold beef, ham, pork, lard, eggs, etc., at his Albion Street market. On March 30th of that year, Town Meeting members voted to appropriate $7400 to 'motorize' the Fire Department. With this money, the voters agreed to buy a towing or squad car for the steamer, a tractor for the hook and ladder, and a chassis for the Greenwood Hose 3 combination wagon. Furthermore, they voted to establish a Town planning board and to accept the Tenement Act, which would regulate the construction of buildings intended to house more than two families. Also, Town Meeting members voted to join in a petition to the Legislature that metropolitan water and sewerage system take over the Wakefield trunk-line sewer. However, they rejected an eight-hour law for Town employees." -- Text from calendar by Jayne M. D'Onofrio.


Wakefield (Mass.) -- History -- Pictorial works.

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D'Onofrio, Jayne M., "Dr. Charles Dutton and William Deadman, March 31, 1914," in NOBLE Digital Heritage, Item #12067, http://heritage.noblenet.org/items/show/12067 (accessed September 22, 2017).