Major James H. Keough & Captain George W. Chesley


Major James H. Keough & Captain George W. Chesley


Keough, James H. 1864-1946.;Chesley, George W. 1873-1923.


Wakefield, Mass. : Wakefield Municipal Gas & Light Department,




Keough photo courtesy of the Wakefield Daily Item, Chesley photo courtesy of the Chesley family, Main Street photo courtesy of the Wakefield Historical Society.

"Two Wakefield men attained international prominence during their lifetimes as two of the most famous rifle shots in the world. Major James H. Keough and Captain George W. Chesley both won countless trophies and achieved world records for their proficiency with rifles. Major James H. Keough was born in Southbridge in 1864 and later moved to Wakefield. In 1888 he joined the Richardson Light Guard, Wakeield's military company and served through the Spanish-American War as a quartermaster and musician. He was later commissioned as a captain and was recalled to active duty in World War I. During this time he served as an instructor in rifle practice at Camp Perry. His achievements in rifle shooting span a period of over 40 years. Some of his most distinguished accomplishments include high man of the US team which won the international rifle match in England in 1903 high man of the US team which won a similar match in 1912 in Canada member, captain and coach of the Massachusetts state rifle team from the mid 1890s to 1912 holder of many world records including two at a New Jersey rifle range in 1908 and 1910 which gave the national championship to the Sixth Massachusetts Infantry of which Old Company A of Wakefield was a member a world record of 499 out of a possible 500 at 600 yards in England in 1910 in a match among American, English and Australian teams. At the age of 74 he made a perfect score at 200 yards enabling his team to win a Spanish War Veteran's championship of New England. Major Keough won hundreds of trophies over the years, several of which were donated to the Lucius Beebe Memorial Library. He also donated $2500 to the library for the purchase of books and magazines pertaining to rifles and rifle shooting. He was the owner and operator of the Crescent House prior to his death in 1946. Born in Providence, Rhode Island in 1873, George W. Chesley and his family moved to Wakefield in 1874. Captain Chesley joined the Richardson Light Guard and served during the Spanish-American War and World War I. Du


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Keough, James H. 1864-1946.;Chesley, George W. 1873-1923., "Major James H. Keough & Captain George W. Chesley," in NOBLE Digital Heritage, Item #12286, (accessed August 17, 2017).