Beebe family plot, Lakeside Cemetery, Wakefield, Mass.


Beebe family plot, Lakeside Cemetery, Wakefield, Mass.


Klapes, Jeffrey M., 1964-


Wakefield, Mass. : The author,




Photos show views of one of the Beebe family plots in Lakeside Cemetery on North Avenue. The plot is located near the corner of "Rainbow Avenue" and "Lakeside Avenue" at the northern end of the cemetery. Photos taken at 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday, November 4, 2008.;The plot contains four separate stones marking the following individuals, from left to right: [1]. Hester Beebe, daughter of Deshler F. & Sylenda B. Stearns, Feb. 21, 1898 - Feb. 10, 1899. [2]. Deshler Falconer Stearns, Hamilton, Ohio, Aug.7, 1857 - Augusta, Ga., Dec. 3, 1906. [3]. Sylenda Beebe Stearns, Wakefield, Mass., Nov. 23, 1863 - Wakefield, Mass., Dec. 20, 1938. [4]. Philip Morris Stearns, Evanston, Ill, September 17, 1900 - Miami, Fla., December 12, 1971.


Beebe, Hester, 1898-1899.;Stearns, Deshler Falconer, 1857-1906.;Stearns, Sylenda Beebe, 1863-1938.;Stearns, Philip Morris, 1900-1971.;Beebe family.;Stearns family.

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Klapes, Jeffrey M., 1964-, "Beebe family plot, Lakeside Cemetery, Wakefield, Mass.," in NOBLE Digital Heritage, Item #14154, (accessed September 26, 2017).