Oliver Wendell Holmes Library Freeman Room


Oliver Wendell Holmes Library Freeman Room


Phillips Academy


The east wall of the room is the Stuart Travis mural of the history of the campus from its beginning in 1778 through 1929. In front of this mural sat the display case with the Audubon Elephant Folio of Birds. It was the job of a work duty student to unlock the case and turn a page, and reunions always bring about the question, "Where is the books now?" The set has moved to the Addison Gallery. Glaring down from his perch over the fire place is Archibald Freeman, the first director of Athletics at the Academy and a justly feared yet honored member of the History Department. The portrait was donated in 1948.


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Phillips Academy -- Oliver Wendell Holmes Library.

Holmes, Oliver Wendell 1809-1894.

Freeman, Archibald 1866-1948.

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History of the Academy

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