Cochran Bird Sanctuary Fuess Memorial


Cochran Bird Sanctuary Fuess Memorial


Sprattler, Timothy


Phillips Academy




This is a memorial to Claude Moore Fuess, the tenth Headmaster of the school and a member of the English Faculty. Located off the main path but on a nature trail, the stone bench and the view of the swimming pond and the duck pond has provided a quiet place for hikers to rest and reflect upon the natural surroundings. The somewhat hidden nature trail, bench and stone images will help you identify the area. This is a view of the nature trail into the memorial after coming down the trail to the ponds from the main trail.


Phillips Academy -- Grounds

Phillips Academy -- Bird Sanctuary

Cochran, Moncrieff Mitchell

Fuess, Claude Moore

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Sprattler, Timothy, "Cochran Bird Sanctuary Fuess Memorial ," in NOBLE Digital Heritage, Item #15579, (accessed April 25, 2017).