Oliver Wendell Holmes Library 1988 Addition Interior


Oliver Wendell Holmes Library 1988 Addition Interior


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In returning to the brick as an exterior design feature the library's new wing replaced the steel and glass of the Copley Wing. The stacks went from the military olive drab of its original paint to royal blue of the school's colors. The main door went from the Great Lawn side to the Flagstaff Quad side. With it went the circulation desk. Great changes had been made, not the least of which a the on-line card catalog. We had returned to our architectural past, but moved forward into the computer age. Now called the PACC Lobby and ERDL, the lobby used to have no computers and a big snake like seating array of small ottomans. ERDL was the library classroom.


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Phillips Academy -- Oliver Wendell Holmes Library

Holmes, Oliver Wendell 1809-1894

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