Cochran Bird Sanctuary Thompson Memorial


Cochran Bird Sanctuary Thompson Memorial


Phillips Academy


This is a memorial to Augustus Porter Thompson, P. A. Class of 1892 and Augustus Porter Thompson, Jr. P. A. Class of 1928. The senior Thompson was the first sanctuary manager and his son sadly died the year after he graduated from Phillips. Located off the main path but on a nature trail, the stone bench and the concave stone, which often held a puddle of water would provide a tranquil spot for school members and townspeople alike. It was placed on the top of a hill to overlook the skyline of the campus. Before the tree and bushes surrounded the bench you could see for miles and miles.


Phillips Academy -- Grounds

Phillips Academy -- Bird Sanctuary

Thompson, Augustus Porter, P.A. 1892

Thompson, Augustus Porter, P.A. 1928

Cochran, Moncrieff Mitchell

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