J. Montague Fitzpatrick


J. Montague Fitzpatrick


Phillips Academy


September 17, 1963


Perhaps the most famous Phillips Academy alum to have never existed, J. Momtague Fitzpatrick manifested himself at the Andover Bookstore on September 17, 1963 to buy three histories of his alma mater. Fitzpatrick was the creation of Roger Corman Kiley of the Class of 1940. Early in the school year of 1938 Kiley would sign his creation into the library, draft letters from home to the administration from Fitzpatrick's mother and other and create cut notices for classes Fitzpatrick had missed and more. The faculty concerned for Fitzpatrick's academic standing then sought him out and after some due diligence uncovered the fraud. Fitzpatrick has attained mythical status with the academy community and many classes have claimed him as their own. November 1957's Phillipian trumpets his return to campus and the Class of 1959. He appears on the "F" page of the Pot Pourri at their on-line class page.
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