The Andover Inn's Writing Room


The Andover Inn's Writing Room


Benjamin Morse


Phillips Academy




The Andover Inn, also called Phillips Inn, has also had two buildings, as well as once being called Mansion House. The first hotel connected to the school was the former home of the Phillips family which was then called Mansion House. After it burned in 1887, the Stowe House was converted to a hotel and called first Mansion House and the Phillips Inn. The newest building was constructed in 1930 and remained the Phillips Inn until 1940 when it was christened the Andover Inn. With writing desks in almost every room, a room designated as the Writing Room may seem superfluous, but every great inn had to have one, and so we did.


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Benjamin Morse, "The Andover Inn's Writing Room," in NOBLE Digital Heritage, Item #15898, (accessed August 18, 2017).