Baseball on Wakefield Common


Baseball on Wakefield Common


Dupon, Annette.


Wakefield, MA : The authors




"As I looked at the old photo, my eye was drawn to the young boy hitting a ball in the foreground. I thought of how much recreational sports have changed. Now, there is so much brand-named gear, training sessions and field times to coordinate that it has become slightly “professional-ized” as compared to years gone by. Some changes have been for safety sake. That is why I asked my son, Cole, to assume the catcher's role with mask, glove, pads and chest gear and “inserted him” behind the batter for my mash-up. It is subtle, but the contradiction of time is there on careful observance." - caption provided by Annette Dupon, contest winner.;Winner of photo contest, Honorable Mention, Adult category.

Original image of Wakefield Common from a 1921 postcard mashed up with photo by Annette Dupon, 2011.


Baseball -- Massachusetts -- Wakefield.

Manipulated photographs.

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Wakefield Then & Now Photo Contest

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Dupon, Annette., "Baseball on Wakefield Common," in NOBLE Digital Heritage, Item #16196, (accessed August 22, 2017).