Andover Class of 1961 Paul Kalkstein Formal Portrait


Andover Class of 1961 Paul Kalkstein Formal Portrait


Phillips Academy




The Pot Pourri for 1961 continued to show the humor its forebearers had shown and capturing the rites and ceremonies that make up PA Life. Paul enjoyed everything Andover had to offer, as can be seen by this list
Second Honor Roll (5 times)
Forbush Prize Finalist 3
Taylor Prize Finalist 4
National Merit Scholarship Finalist 4
Societe Honoraire Francaise 3
Class Vice President 4
Student Congress 4
1961 Ford National Teen-Age Press Conf. 4
Phillips Society 2,3
Contemporary Fiction Group 3
Pnyx 4
Russian Club 3,4
Russian Club Vice-President 4
Spanish Club 4
JV 1 Football 3
JV Basketball 2
Varsity Basketball 3
All-Club Lacrosse 2
Varsity Lacrosse 3,4
He came back to the Academy as a teacher and is also class secretary.


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