Blanchard House 1880's Interior


Blanchard House 1880's Interior


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Blanchard House built shortly before the opening of the 19th century, by John Blanchard. By 1802 Deacon Amos Blanchard, the first cashier of the Andover Bank, owned the house and was permitted to take in seven Academy boys as boarders. Various renters over the years continued the practice, after the Seminary purchased the house in 1812. The Academy acquired it in 1908 as part of the purchase of the Seminary, and in 1928 it was moved from it's Salem Street location to Hidden Field on West Quad to make room for Commons. Obviously a student who does not believe in "The Hat on the Bed" superstition lived here. Hats are though to bring Bad Luck or physical harm to the person placing a hat down on a bed. The picture identifies the boys who lived here as the Sawyer brothers W. D. 1887 and C. F. 1885.


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