Borden Gym Done Up for the Dance


Borden Gym Done Up for the Dance


Phillips Academy




Construction on Borden Gym was started in 1900 and opened officially on March 22, 1902 with a basketball game against the Harvard Freshmen. It replaced the gym that had been in Bulfinch Hall, which was now to become a Dining Hall. In 1909 the students started a fund to build a pool, and by the end of 1911 the pool was open in a new wing. It has since held many events not the least of which was SAT Testing. Decorated for a dance it is important to notice that Yale is displayed a lot and Hravard has only a small flag similar to Cornell and Amherst. Harvard was unpopular with Andover for decades due to its Unitarian leanings, while Yale was much admired.


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