CREW Poets at the Library


CREW Poets at the Library


Winthrop Public Library


May 14, 2015


CREW Poets read their own poetry in the Hazlett Room at the library as part of the Winthrop Arts and Letters Crawl, May 14, 2015.

CREW- Chelsea, Revere, Everett & Winthrop

Poets are, from left to right:
Renee Pike, Marsha Jackson, Rose (Babe) Giangregorio, Allen Swartz, Patricia Tacelli, Esther Fich & Timothy McCarthy


Winthrop Public Library & Museum (Winthrop, Mass.)

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Winthrop Public Library & Museum -- The Photos

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Winthrop Public Library, "CREW Poets at the Library," in NOBLE Digital Heritage, Item #17614, (accessed September 22, 2017).