Toward an oral history of Cape Ann : Firth, E. Annabelle Stevenson


Toward an oral history of Cape Ann : Firth, E. Annabelle Stevenson


Firth, E. Annabelle Stevenson Interviewee.;Brayton, Linda Interviewer.


[Gloucester, Mass] ;Sawyer Free Library,




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Linda Brayton and David Masters, principal oral historians.;Interviewer(s):Linda Brayton (7/17/1978).

TRACKS: CD124: Mrs. Firth's teaching background, marriage to se captain Lemuel Firth, raising 3 families:, move to West Gloucester -- Broken trips, the schooner age (the age of sail), sub-chaser converted to fishing vessel - The Three Sisters -- When the mackerel disappeared, dangers less with mackereling than halibuting, etc. Georges - the graveyard of the Atlantic -- Capt. Firt - a highliner who broke the world's record in mackereling, marketing the catch, financing the trip, system of paying the fishermen, social security caused hardship to owners, Capt. Firth's decision to retire - Canadian fishermen, Master Mariners, Masters and Producers, Widows and Orphan's Fund, Canadian fishermen (cont'd.)-- Plan E - city government -- Canadian fishermen (cont'd.), worked in U.S.A. 6 months a year -- Shipbuilding in Essex, gill-netters from Michigan, Masters and Producers, help for fishermen and their families was needed - fishing was a hard life, fishing compared to farming9 - Gill-netters from Michigan (cont'd.), Nova Scotians usually were transient, boarding houses, Fourth of July celebrations all boats came in -- Fishing becomes less profitable -- Responsibilities held while husband was at sea -- Comments, activities - Eastern Star, Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (MSPCC) -- Cape Ann Animal Aid -- CD125: Cape Ann Animal Aid (cont'd.) -- Gloucester school system, Mrs. Firth's teaching methods, education then and now (neighborhood schools becoming a trend), love is helping a person to reach his or her highest potential -- Gloucester as a place to raise a family, employment in Gloucester, people of Gloucester -- CD126: Americanization classes - Mrs. Firth taught grades 1-6 to Portuguese immigrants, employment connected with fishing -- Tourism - Mrs. Firth's work as a child in family business, Gallery-on-the-Moors - art and drama family business (cont'd.) -- Gallery-on-the-Moors (cont'd.), The Little Theater, modeling for Gloucester artists -- Patillo, etc. (cont'd.), Howard Blackburn --

The following names and terms were used in this interview:Charles Stevenson, Freeman Putney, Gertrude Ashland, Gleason's Store, Gorton Pew, William Jordan, Sub chaser, The Three Sisters, Cunningham and Thompson, Cape May New Jersey, Grand Banks, George's Bank, The Jean and Patricia, Highliner, The Mary F. Curtis, Fulton Market, John Nagle, Co., Frank Foote, Earl Gus, Capt. Reuben Cameron, Master mariners, Senator's Lodge, Mr. Gardner A. Piatt, Masters and producers, widows and orphans, Clayton Morrissey, Marty Welch, The Esperanto, The Helita, Percy Alden, Ralph Webber, Beatrice Webber, Plan E, Ambrose Fleet, Bob Porper, Frank Foote, Ben Pine, The Bluenose, Nels Amero, The Dorris Amero, Harry Geels, Jack Morash, The Elsie, Arch McLeod, Charles Olson, Charlie Nelson, Story, Mr. Bell, Gill netters, Garrett Shoares, Tysver, John Dahlmer, Chapel St. Baptist, Mrs. McInnis, Jean Gardner, Eastern Star Worthy Matron, MSPCC, Community house, Roger Babson, Mr. Senecal, Miss Elms, Miss Popkin, Gloucester Child Council, Garrison, Mr. Garland, Drummer, Cape Ann Animal Aid, Dr. Ozzie Osmand Babson, Miss Hiltz, Mr. Haines, Dr. Lake, Miss Roth, Dr. Andrews, Mrs. Patten, Hyannis Normal School, Mrs. Oliver Rogers, Leonard Craske, Gallery on the Moors, Florence Cunningham, Miss Watson, Miss Nelson, Stevenson's Cash Variety, The Little Theater, Mr.Joseph Garland, Weston Friend, Cohen, Sol Jacobs, The Mackerel King, Rose fish or red fish, Pogie, Mac Lyle, Mr. Atherton, Ruth Trefry, Miss Moran, Rockaway Hotel, George Stacey, Roxie Alec Patillo, The North Star, The Joseph E. Garland, Mayor Grillo, Dr. Henrik Kurt Carlsen, Capt. Irving Johnson.

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Seafaring life -- Massachusetts -- Gloucester.;Fisheries -- Massachusetts -- Gloucester.;Gloucester (Mass.) -- Social life and customs.;Women -- Massachusetts -- Gloucester -- Social conditions.;Oral history -- Massachusetts -- Cape Ann.

Ann, Cape (Mass.) -- History -- Anecdotes.;Ann, Cape (Mass.) -- Social life and customs.

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Gloucester Oral History Collection

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Firth, E. Annabelle Stevenson Interviewee.;Brayton, Linda Interviewer., "Toward an oral history of Cape Ann : Firth, E. Annabelle Stevenson," in NOBLE Digital Heritage, Item #7690, (accessed August 20, 2017).