Tan House


Tan House




Men at work

Black and white photograph of the Boston Mat Leather Company, Peabody, Mass., 1918. Photo has ball point pen notation saying Tan House. Photo shows two men at work, the closest in leather apron and knee-high boots holding what appears to be a http://www.noblenet.org/images/pea/Mat_Leather/PIPe or hose. The one further back wears glasses and is arranging hides. To the right are other mounds of hides, a tall step ladder and windows. To the left are large drums or wheels with pulleys, http://www.noblenet.org/images/pea/Mat_Leather/PIPes, wooden barrels bound with metal hoops. The floor appears wet.



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Boston Mat Leather Company, Peabody, Mass.

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"Tan House," in NOBLE Digital Heritage, Item #8437, http://heritage.noblenet.org/items/show/8437 (accessed August 18, 2017).