Press Room


Press Room




Men at work

Black and white photograph of the Press Room of the Boston Mat Leather Factory, Peabody, Massachusetts, 1918. Photo appears posed and has four men facing the camera and one looking to the side. The man to the viewer's left leans his elbow on what might be the press, holding his hat in his hand. He wears a leather apron. The next man stands facing the camera, wearing a leather apron and a hat, before a folded pile of hides. The next man, also wearing an apron, beside a post. The man looking to the side is older and stands beside what looks like a vise. The man on the viewer's right wears a hat and work clothes.



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Boston Mat Leather Company, Peabody, Mass.

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"Press Room," in NOBLE Digital Heritage, Item #8438, (accessed August 18, 2017).