Staking Dept.


Staking Dept.




Men at work

Black and white photograph with ball point pen noting Staking Department at the Boston Mat Leather Company, Peabody, Massachusetts. There are six men in the photo and in ball point pen is the notation, Cornelius McGrath, deceased. Father of Mayor McGrath, Peabody. McGrath is the furthest back, wearing shirt, pants and suspenders. To the right of him is a man wearing a three piece suit. Coming closer to the viewer are three more men standing the staking tables. Behind them on the far right is a man in the background. Cornelius McGrath is listed as a morocco worker with a house at 126 Foster St. His wife's name was Jane.



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Boston Mat Leather Company, Peabody, Mass.

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"Staking Dept.," in NOBLE Digital Heritage, Item #8443, (accessed September 22, 2017).